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Naadam - The Celebration of Prairie's Free Spirits

“Nadam” is Mongolian, also known as “Nair”, “Nadam” is a transliteration of Mongolian, meaning “entertainment, game” to express the joy of harvest. The “Nadamu” convention is a traditional festival with a long history of the Mongolian people and occupies an important position in the lives of the Mongolian people. The “Nadamu” Conference, held every year in July and August, is a season of livestock and fattening, is a cultural and entertainment conference held by people to celebrate the harvest. “Nadamu”, Mongolian means entertainment or games. At the “Nadamu” conference, there are thrilling horse races, wrestling, admirable archery, competitive chess, and fascinating singing and dancing. Horse racing is also one of the important events at the conference. At the start of the race, the riders lined up, all wearing colorful belts, wrapped in colorful towels, filled with youthful vitality. A variety of brightly colored flags were inserted at the beginning and end of the horse races, and the horns rang, and the riders flew to the saddle, whip the horses, and the red towels flew like arrows. The top five who reached the finish line became the most praised athletes on the grassland. Archery, wrestling and other competitions also attract many visitors. Videos about Naadam game: Here is a travel note that shared by a couple– Nick Wharton & Dariece Swift, tells about how they joined in Naadam event and built friendship with local people: And here is another article written by Michael Sadowski. Their group watched the wrestling game and built up friendship with a young local wrestler named Buyanbaatar. Here is a blog written by Melissa about her experience of Naadam. She made a new wrestler friend named Dalaibayar and watched him keep winning until became the final champion. Then she celebrated with him happily. She also became an audience of the horse race and had an exciting experience: Here is a blog written by Danny. He shared his 3 days journey of Naadam. They rent horse from a local person who has the nick name: “MaMa”. They learned how to ride horse from her and had a great time stay with her: