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The Ainu People from Japan…

The Ainu are indigenous people in Japan that primarily live in Hokkaido, Sakhalin, and the Kuril Island. The Ainu originally inhabited all four islands of Japan, but were eventually pushed back to those northern islands because of years of colonization from the Japanese people beginning in the 1st millennium CE….

Naadam of Mongolia

“Nadam” is Mongolian, also known as “Nair”, “Nadam” is a transliteration of Mongolian, meaning “entertainment, game” to express the joy of harvest. The “Nadamu” convention is a traditional festival with a long history of the Mongolian people and occupies an important position in the lives of the Mongolian people.

The Wondrous Wuyi Mountains

Wuyi Mountain is at NanPing, a city locates at northwest of Fujian Province, near the JiangXi province. It is famous of its beautiful sightseeing about fantastic streams and unique appearance of Mountains….