The Wondrous Wuyi Mountains

The Wuyi Mountains are in Nanping, a city located northwest of Fujian Province, near the Jiangxi province. They are famous for their beautiful sightseeing, such as fantastic streams and the unique appearance of the mountains. Here are some well-known places of interest:

Nine-bend Stream:

Nine-bend Stream (Jiuqu Xi) is the main stream of the Wuyi Mountains. The “nine” here in Chinese doesn’t mean the number nine. It is used to describe “a lot”. Because the Wuyi Mountains have thirty-six peaks and ninety-nine rocks, Nine-bend Stream features many twists and turns, thus its name. It has a total length of about 10 kilometers and an area of 8.5 square kilometers. The mountains turn the river, just like a painting world.

The best way to explore the Nine-bend stream is bamboo raft drifting:

If you are interested in exploring it, here is more information:

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Yumu Feng:

Yumu Feng, or Jade Girl Peak, is one of the typical columnar mountains in Wuyi. The peak wall has two vertical joints that divide the column into three cuts of increasing height, like three tall beauties standing together. Yumu Feng is in the south of the Jiuqu Xi. It is named like that because it looks like a slender girl. Furthermore, clusters of mountain flowers blossom on the peak like a girl decorates her hair with garland. Moreover, the rock faces of the peak are so smooth, like carved jade. When we watch it on a bamboo raft over the stream, it truly is a beautiful girl.

Legend Story:

Like many other famous places in China, Yumu Feng has its own legend story: A long time ago, the Wuyi Mountains were a place with terrible floods and full of wild beasts. The people suffered from it and lived an awful life. One day, a brave young man from a faraway place named Da Wang led a group of people to carve stones and clear the riverway. He also gathered a group of brave people to cast the beasts out of their homeland. As a result, they healed the flood and made the Wuyi Mountains a wonderful place to live.

Later, A goodness named Yumu traveled past here by the clouds and was fascinated by the beauty of the Mountains. She fell in love with Da Wang. Unfortunately, the Jade Emperor knew this. The Jade Emperor was furious and ordered Yumu back to heaven. However, Yumu refused to comply and swore she would get married to Da Wang. The Jade Emperor used magic to fossilize them and separated them into the two banks of the Jiuqu Xi. Since then, they can only look at each other with tears in their eyes but cannot live together.

The Great King Peak:

The Great King Peak is 530 meters above sea level. It is magnificent when one looks at it from far away, just like a giant pillar. Ancient trees tower at the top of the peak, and there are many places of interest, such as Tianjian Po, Toulong Cave, Xianhe Rock, and Shengzhen temple.

More information on the Great King Peak:

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Oolong Tea:

The Wuyi Mountains are not just famous for their fantastic sightseeing. Wuyi tea is also well-known in China and even the world. Because Wuyi is in the mountainous area of northern Fujian, it has a bountiful rainy season every year. With a suitable geographical climate and high altitude, the tea of the Wuyi Mountains can grow fast and well.

An introduction to Wuyi Oolong Rock Tea:

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Wuyi Mountains Travel Guide:

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